Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), Visitor Visas and Tourist Visas (subclass 651/676/679/976)


People who wish to visit Australia for the purposes of a holiday, tourism, recreation, informal studies or to visit family members.


Visit Australia for non-work purposes for a period of up to three (3) months over the validity of the visa. In some situations applicants can apply for a long-stay visa valid for up to 12 months.


There are different requirements depending on the visa type applied for. Generally applicants must:

  • have a genuine need to visit friends or family in Australia, or for tourism or recreational purposes;
  • have no outstanding debts to the Australian Commonwealth;
  • in some cases applicants must provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover costs for the duration of their stay in Australia;
  • be outside Australia on visa approval if outside Australia when lodged;
  • be inside Australia on visa approval if inside Australia when lodged;
  • in some instances be sponsored by a family member in Australia;
  • meet health and character requirements;
  • health/travel insurance is recommended;
  • hold a passport from an eligible country.

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